too late.
“I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her.”
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cinnamonhugsandblanketforts asked: you are a truly beautiful person and i la la love your blog bundle upon absolute bundles (: i've had some rather hurtful anons the past few days, i know how much a buzzkill they can be amongst your lovely archive of pretty pictures and then their ugly typed up message ruining the calm flow *burn in hell i say to them (: if they want to wreck something, buy a wreck this journal!

aww thank you so much (‘: your so nice and i really appreciate the message and your blog is also so perfect and beautiful and just amazing (: and i love hte starbucks cup on the side of your blog by the way haha (: hahah yeah buy a wreck this journal :P lol aww thank you so much for the message (: your so sweet

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